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  • Boarding

    Lwengu School boasts of an excellent residential area for the learners. The hostels are roomy and comfortable, creating a warm and homely atmosphere. To enhance the continued good health and development of the child, the diet is both varied and well balanced and one of the best.

    In residence are 4 (four) qualified and experienced Matrons/House Parents who are on the spot taking good care of the children’s daily needs. A resident nurse that provides 24 hours service to the pupils is always on call. To support them are a Hostel Master and a Hostel Mistress. The Head-teacher and his team are also always at hand to resolve all issues.

    Boarding gives topmost attention to the overall development of the students and this is done by instilling discipline to follow daily routine and rules. The students are kept adequately occupied through a well-balanced daily routine in academics, sports and extra-curricular activities. The best part of boarding is that each student is taught to be independent and to take care of his/her own needs. Each student is exposed to all aspects of leadership and the overall development is more balanced.