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    Our School

    Lwengu School is a vibrant co-education day and boarding school. The school derives its name from the majestic Sable Antelope (Hippotragus Niger) called Lwengu in the local Tonga language.

    Situated in Monze District, in the Southern Province of Zambia, Lwengu is 185 km south of Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia and 300 km north of Livingstone, the tourist capital.  Its location is 1.5 km North West of the town centre of Monze and 800 metres off the Great North Road. The school opened in 1993 with 8 pupils, but now has an enrolment of over 400 pupils from all over Zambia as well as neighbouring countries. The school’s values of respect, hard work, love, honesty, courage, open mindedness and good manners are embedded in all the activities undertaken in the school.

    Mrs Vlahakis, School Coordinator

    A little about Us

    Lwengu School endeavours to provide affordable higher quality education to sustain the moral, spiritual, physical and intellectual obligation through intensive instruction, to provide full realization of every child’s potential. To help the student understand and appreciate cultural diversities, the flora and fauna.

    To be the best provider of a holistic higher quality primary and secondary education in Zambia using the best materials and local expertise available in a safe and conducive (serene) environment.

    At Lwengu School, we aim to provide higher quality education to sustain the moral, spiritual, physical and intellectual needs of the students so as to provide  full realization of every child’s potential and to instil self-discipline, confidence and environmental awareness in our pupils: hence our motto “EDUCATION AND APPRECIATION”.

    Our school has four departments at secondary school and a primary school which ensure that teaching and learning takes place to the appreciation of the learner and the community at large. The departments include; Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Literature and Languages. These departments are headed and run by qualified personnel who ensure that quality education is offered to the learners through intensive instruction.

    The primary faculty has 10 teachers for the 7 classes including a teacher of Music, a swimming instructor and a life guard while the secondary faculty has 22 teachers for the 10 classes. The teachers have a Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher who lead and guide them to make the school a better place.

    At Lwengu School, we maintain very strong Christian and Moral values. The school organises Catholic services on Sundays and respects individual religious differences.  The department of Guidance and Counselling offers lessons in career guidance and counselling and also organises career talks for pupils with people from various sectors of society, because we believe that a well-nurtured child is a happy child.

    We also appreciate and encourage the uniqueness of each child.  This helps our pupils to learn in a very relaxed atmosphere, giving them a chance to realize their full potential to ably face new challenges wherever they go.

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